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This is version of the classic letter guessing game hangman. You are shown a set of blank letters and have to guess what the word is. You guess by picking letters and seeing if they are in the word. However if you pick a letter that is not in the word a man is slowly drawn. With each wrong letter guess the man is drawn more and more. When the man is finished he is hung and the game is lost. The vowels appear on the left and the consonants on the right.
As with other games you can choose the content you want to practice spelling first and then you are show one of ten possible words. There is a countdown timer than runs down slowly at first but then more and more quickly.
I hope you have fun playing this game and that you can learn or improve your English at the same time.
Leave a comment if you want to.

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116 Responses for Hangman

  1. mikel says:

    i love this game

  2. Aritz says:

    I like this game a lot. It can be for learn vocabulary in a funny excercise. I learn vocabulary of natur, animals,etc

  3. Angela and Daniela says:

    we do this activities because we like the hangman. We learn more about animals, colors and more things, is a very good game.

  4. NAHIA says:

    We do this activitie because we like.
    Is very dificult. and also very borring.
    We have learn a little bit of englih.

  5. ishak says:

    hallo it is good music

  6. u4eagun says:

    i love it

  7. u4eagun says:

    This game gave me bananas that were very good! So go and play this and play the website games too!

  8. gustavol says:

    i lake no beutfou

  9. CELAL SAVUT says:

    thank you ! very beautiful

  10. fraimar says:

    I mean nice

  11. amos says:

    this game is so cool and great and I love the music :)

  12. pinar and maryam says:

    it is not good game

  13. emely mazón says:

    this is very clever because it keeps you alert Gheg they do not die
    :) :)

  14. erlyng filumil gonzales says:

    my faborite it is hag man an like :-)

  15. t ara says:

    bad game

  16. gdf says:

    most boring game ever!

  17. jarex says:

    i can’t like the game lol!!!!!!!! very very horibile

  18. jayne says:

    Great!Very good!

  19. Derek says:

    whoa it is hard

  20. gustavo says:

    I can’t thank you guys enough.
    Amazing job.
    Ciao from the Italian sicilia

  21. matheus sorgente says:


  22. Erfan says:

    That’s sooooo goooood! :)

  23. theboss says:

    very very good but that’s easy

  24. Horacio says:

    is very excer….

  25. says:

    awesome game i have done highscore! :) <3

  26. denisa says:

    yes a very fun way to lern and practice english!!!!!!;)

  27. denisa says:

    yes verry fun!!!!!!! ;)

  28. sok san says:

    how to download this game

  29. Rychlík says:

    Hello guys

  30. eileena says:

    Can I download this for my students to play?
    Where to download?

  31. zeynep says:

    I love you hangman wery god
    do you love hangman

  32. cheeseballz says:

    that was a very difficult game! needs some work

  33. george says:

    ok its cool bye ¡

  34. tomas says:

    i come in the game until the 1,002 bubbles

  35. cake_pro says:

    this game is bset =)

  36. Kai Lin xiao zu zu says:

    There are 2 things I love this game:
    1) I really like this game it is very cool and i always win only sometimes!!! :)
    2)It very fun way to learn and practice English!!!!
    Hope U love the comment !!!

  37. Kai Lin xiao zu zu says:

    There are three things I love this game:
    1) I really like this game it is very cool and i always win only sometimes!!! :)
    2)Cool =)
    3)It very fun way to learn and practice English!!!!

    Hope U love the comment !!!

  38. cuidaolavaginaa says:

    super bueno

  39. julieta says:

    This. Game. Is. Beautifol:-)

  40. Lucky says:

    Very good

  41. jigar chavda says:

    bad game

  42. Thata says:

    goody very

  43. manuela says:

    a very funny

  44. Bera says:

    That’s very good but hangman cartoon made me so afraid.

  45. Ashika Marjan says:

    Oh the game is very nice.
    And the background music is also very beautiful and making me very sad.

  46. Itsu says:

    All those games are the worst games i’ve ever played. I literally can learn more reading Dangan Ronpa

  47. Josep says:

    I play the game because of the music… I love it!! (yes, I´m a bit weird) :D

  48. peter says:

    this game is fantastic

  49. minh tuyet says:

    so good

  50. Omar says:

    I love this game

  51. minh tuyet says:

    a very fun

  52. Nicolas says:

    its game very good

  53. Nicolas says:

    Its Game vERY hAPPY

  54. Kai Lin xiao zu zu says:

    Hangman is the fun game but it can improve our English
    Hangman is very challenging … …
    Hangman is Cool! :)
    Hangman game is a little hard but it is still good in some ways. :)


  55. lola says:

    jajajaja very good :)

  56. Laura says:

    Pufff, so boring!

  57. nailun says:

    heeemmmm joyfulllllllllllllllllllll

  58. travisModzz says:

    This it the Best Game I <3 It :)

  59. lucas says:

    hola lu

  60. livia balestrieri says:

    i love this game :)

  61. Erfan says:

    Viva hangman

  62. Mabel says:

    Good game

  63. raeannnnn says:

    this game is amazing you really should play this i loved it!!!!<3

  64. brianna.r says:

    this game is a little hard but it is still good in some ways.

  65. kire beril says:

    hello my name is beril . ?’m turkish. and this very games . ?’m twelve years old turkey good counrty. good bye

  66. yudy alejandra aldana mera says:

    i like this game

  67. Shit says:

    It´s very good good good game, because i´m criple.

  68. Helena says:

    Really, really cool!

  69. samira says:

    i want to learn englis

  70. paige says:

    I really like this game it is very cool and i always win only sometimes!!! :)

  71. tomii says:

    Suspichee !!

  72. federica says:


  73. Bella99 says:

    I don’t like the game very much, but the music is fantastic!

  74. eisni says:

    This is tol :-)

  75. hermanto says:

    very challenging ….

  76. marije says:

    a very fun way to learn and practice English

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