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Falling Clouds

This is a fun game for learning English specifically reviewing comparatives. You can practice English grammar by selecting the correct word or words to make a complete comparative phrase. Different adjectives use different comparative forms. This game practices using the correct form and also practices sentence construction and subject verb agreement.
You are presented with a phrase with one or more blanks and then you must click on the missing word to complete the phrase in the correct way.
The idea behind this game is that there is an element of production whereby a learner must actively construct an accurate sentence from a set of options. So that rather than just reacting to language, as is usual with the other games on this site, the learner has to produce correct language themselves.
The comparative form is a good grammar point to use in this game as it is one that English language learners at many levels have problems with and simply raising awareness of the issues with comparatives is worthwhile.
I really hope you like this game as it took a while to think out and make. Leave a comment below. Suggestions and criticisms are more than welcome.

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73 Responses for Compare

  1. Sarowar Jahan says:

    My name is Sarowar Jahan and I’m from Bangladesh.
    I want to practice English with anyone who want to do so…
    You can contact with me by Skype. My ID is: sarowar2015

  2. amir says:

    if you take a good game is better

  3. sade says:

    this game is alsome haha just playing

  4. sophia says:

    Hi :) ) i’m from chile :p
    I love the inglish :3

  5. donlah tohmad says:


  6. julia anamaya ives says:


  7. MEMOONA says:


  8. lyhour.chan says:

    I think that good for everyone!! If you want to improve English skill.

  9. mmahanma says:

    is very funny

  10. amritesh says:

    wow this game is awesome!!

  11. gustavo says:

    very nice I’m trying to learn English

  12. raiqah zakir says:

    this game is awesome and beautiful :)

  13. andrea says:

    Awesome! I need to practice

  14. cindy says:

    u know??? i have stiff hands when playing this game and i score 528000… it is an interesting game!!!! good tight!! @@

  15. mati says:

    hi my name is mati dfd

  16. Rychlík says:

    Hello!!! , Guys

  17. MohMed says:

    Thanks for this best Games and i loe inyone


  18. marije says:

    i love teh game

  19. tomas says:

    i´m hooked on bubbles

  20. Danijel says:

    I want you to teach me. I am from Serbia. My email is

  21. KIRTHIKA says:

    SUPER GAME…………

  22. huu tri says:

    I like very much ,I hope it will help me

  23. jigar chavda says:

    very bad game

  24. Temur says:

    I like this game very much.I would like to play more

  25. chitvilay says:

    Just to play this game.
    I like its and I will play again for championship.

  26. Lachlan says:

    :s just kidding

  27. Lachlan says:

    :D awesome it helped me learn

  28. Lau says:

    Very Good!

  29. jojo says:

    it is a good game

  30. marcela cambindo says:

    hi a game divertid

  31. jeram says:

    Why is this english

  32. Luiza perez says:

    it is very fast for me, I did not like the game Compare

  33. No one says:

    I like this game a lot :) It’s an interesting way to learn english by yourself :)

  34. darlene says:

    i hate english very very much

    • Sam says:

      Hi Darlene,

      I’m very sad that you hate English. Perhaps you just need someone to teach you who will make it fun. If I may ask? Why do you hate english?

    • bindudevi says:

      you should not hate english darlene if you dont no how you keep the sentence now tell me .if you play these games you will learn english more.please give me early you .bye compulsorly you should give me reply.bye.

    • flower says:

      Why? Don’t you know that English is an international language? You must learn and it helps you a lot if you have plan to go to abroad, English is fun for me. I love it very much!!!!!!!!

  35. nguyên says:

    I like this game, I want to load this game to teach my sister. How can I do it

    • bindudevi says:

      nguyen you have interest in english name is indu.what is your sister name give me early reply .i want friend ship with should give me an early reply compulsorly.bye.

  36. Beatriz says:

    im love to games !!!!!

  37. Istiak Hossain Joy says:

    i am a is a wonderful game.

  38. Sakhidad says:

    I very interst to game and learner for us , if possible please send some new game for us.

  39. windi says:

    can I download it and play it offline?

  40. houcine says:

    it is good games

  41. Greek alani says:

    hello my friends i’m from Greece!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  42. Ilhom says:

    excellent! It become clear to me I must work hard for my english

  43. Hls99 says:

    this is fun

  44. Nnamdi okafor(DSP) @ GOA says:

    I happy for game,because you are wise to set up the game for learners

  45. mohammad says:

    The game is very funy

  46. Dylan says:

    This one is really sucks !

  47. Carola says:

    me gustó

  48. Arantza says:

    I lije tris game

  49. Arantza says:

    It’s a good idea

  50. Ana Tello says:

    I cant underestain this part of score

  51. alicia noemi says:

    it´s totally useful and funny !!

  52. Nuria says:

    Very good

  53. Betty Rose says:

    I can t leave a comment if I haven t been able to access the game.

  54. omer says:

    I think it is very useful

  55. elzavala says:

    I hope it’ll help me

  56. dalila bellorin says:


  57. abdi says:

    i just wanna learn englis

  58. yousef says:

    i want to learn english

  59. ebik mahayana says:

    that’s a great game for practice English, i love it

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