This site is intended for students of English as a foreign language as a resource to study or review language.

me in Dali

My name is Owen and I work as an English teacher at a university in Anhui province, China. I have also worked in a few other countries notably Thailand and Vietnam but right now China seems to be the best place to be.

This site is more of a hobby than anything else, I like to make games in my free time or days off. Although I also like to travel and eat donuts too.


The site uses wordpress. It’s super easy to use and the comments and contact functions are all built in.

The hosting company is called Hostclear who are cheap and reliable.  They also have ‘fantastico’ on their servers so that installing Joomla, Drupal or most other platforms only takes one click.  Also I use Cloudflare a free service that prevents malicious attacks and reduces bandwidth usage.

All the game content is made using flash CS3 and mostly using vector based images and sounds recorded from friends of mine. The first few games, that you can still see on the back page, were of quite poor quality and there is quite a clear improvement over time. The most recent games all follow an MVC framework and use a lot of Tweenlight.

With the rising popularity of the iPad and iPhone (the flash games on this site won’t work on those devices) flash is becoming less and less of a useful too.  However for the time being at least I still think it’s the best option for sites such as this and will continue to make games in flash. Pretty much every other site I can find for online English seems to use flash too anyway.

If you have any questions about flash games, about teaching English in China/South East Asia or even help finding a job, you can send me an email here.